New Jewelry for a New Year!
December 28, 2015 by admin.

What are your wishes for the New Year? Is there any jewelry you would love to add to your collection? What trends do you think will pop up in fashion shows? Do you think that bold statement pieces will stick around? Will the dainty rings and earrings or the assymetrical trends be thrown to the wind?

Here, at BC Custom Jewelry, we love to watch how the jewelry trends change over the years, and how old trends from decades ago reappear. We look forward to seeing what happens in 2016! What the designers feature in the fashion shows, and what gets tossed to the past.

We can't wait for a new year of new trends and plenty of jewelry shows across the country to indulge in! What are your favorite jewelry traditions? Will you be traveling anywhere to see any shows this upcoming year? New York? California? Florida?

We look forward to 2016, when jewelry trends might stay the same or the might change drastically, and we're ready to hand craft the pieces that you request! We look forward to all of your special occasions, the birthdays and weddings and holidays that you celebrate.

A New Year with you! Thanks for your support in 2015!

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