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Earrings at BC Custom Jewelry

Earrings are a staple in most every woman’s wardrobe and you will never go wrong with purchasing a pair from BC Custom Jewelry. Earrings can be a plain birthstone, or an outstanding addition to any outfit we will help you chose the perfect gift, or design for yourself. If there is something that you want, but do not see in our showroom, we at BC Custom Jewelry will create it for you.

Broken or New BC Custom Jewelry Has What you are Looking For

Even if you have a pair of earring that you loved and they somehow broke, we can fix them for you. At BC Custom Jewelry we can take an older pair of earring that may have been an heirloom and redesign them to look new again, or reset them in their old setting if they are broken. Our selection of earrings is enormous but we will help you narrow them down to a pair that is perfect for you. We have selections that include diamond earrings, hoops, studs, and silver and gold earrings, so you will be able to find a pair that you love in all styles and designs.

Early Evidence of Earrings

Biblical records show that in Exodus while Moses was up On Mount Sinai the Israelites asked Aaron make a golden god for them. Aaron proceeded to ask all people to bring him their wives, daughters and sons rings that were held in their ears. This not only gives us a date on how old gold earrings were, but tells us that even men wore earrings at that time.

In Ancient Greece the practice of men wearing gold earrings can be traced to the gold being used when someone passed on to pay the “ferryman Charon” to give them passage across the river “Styx” to Hades.

Current Earrings

In America it was hard to find a place to get your ears pierced so you did not have to wear clip on earrings, and many piercings were done at home. Currently both men and women can walk into almost any jewelry store and get most any part of your body pierced.

Besides for stud earrings, many people like to wear hoops, diamond earrings, gold earrings in many shapes and sizes and birthstone earrings. You can find a list of birthstones and what they represent below.

Birthstone Earrings

January - Garnet - promotes sincerity, devotion and loyalty

February - Amethyst - symbol of peace, tranquility and protection

March - Aquamarine - symbol of health, hope and youth

April - Diamond - symbol of invincibility and fearlessness

May - Emerald -Symbolizes unchanging love and faithfulness

June - Cultured Pearls - symbol of chastity and purity

July- Ruby - Promotes rekindling of desire and good thoughts

August -Peridot - Protection from fears and bad dreams

September - Sapphire - symbol of sincerity and truth

October - Opal - symbol of hope

November - Citrine - symbol of power or authority

December - Topaz or Tanzanite - has mellowing properties

Birthstone earrings make a wonderful gift or a great purchase for yourself. At BC Custom Jewelry we have birthstone stud earrings, or you can choose from a wide variety of other earrings that have your birthstone. We can even design earrings for you  that can have an array of birthstones that can represent your family tree.

Whatever you desire we at BC Custom Jewelry can craft it for you, if you are looking for something special that we do not have do not be afraid to ask. Our artisan jewelers are skilled with years of experience to help you with any design you may have in mind.

Remember earrings are a staple in most every woman’s wardrobe and you will never go wrong with purchasing a pair from BC Custom Jewelry.