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Celebrity Summer Jewelry Style 2014

What are the celebrities wearing this summer for their favorite jewelry picks?

Rihanna has no problem mixing and matching jewelry for the Dior Cruise 2015 Fashion Show. She paired several different pieces that actually blended very well, while still maintaining her outrageous style.

Rihanna - Dior Cruise 2015 Fashion Show

Beyoncé made a statement with her cocktail rings at the Grammy's:


As you can see, she matched her nail polish with one of her cocktail rings, but mostly focused on the $10 million dollars worth of diamonds by Lorraine Schwartz to adorn her fingers with.

J Lo accessorizes with bangles and gladiator rings:

J Lo accessories

In a jewelry style that is a bit easier to mimic than Beyoncé's, J Lo wears some amazing bangles and gladiator rings in her 2014 music video.

While celebrities have their own totally fun, unique jewelry styles, as you can see, jewelry styles can be different, as well as unique. And, you don't have to spend $10 million on diamonds to look like you have jewelry style.



Some Custom Jewelry Pieces Designed by BC Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is special because it is designed specifically for someone, with their ideas intertwined into the different aspects of the piece. The following are some of the custom jewelry pieces that have been designed by Brian at BC Custom Jewelry.

This custom necklace is simple and delicate, yet custom made with the owner in mind. This piece could be perfect for just about any occasion - Mother's Day, a birthday, Christmas.


Diamonds - they say they are a girl's best friend. This custom made diamond ring was made to show off the beautiful, natural sparkle and glimmer of the diamond, yet it is still elegant without being gaudy.


Heart pendant necklaces are popular, because they also make a great custom made gift for any occasion.


Stay tuned in the future for more pictures of custom made jewelry that was made by BC Custom Jewelry for our amazing customers! Every piece that we make is crafted with delicate care, quality and attention.

Healing Gemstones - Citrine

Adding to our weekly series about healing gemstones, this week's focus is on the lovely and eye-catching citrine. Citrine is part of the quartz family and are quite similar to the amethyst. Rather than the purple hue of amethyst, however, citrine comes in stunning yellow tones that range from the palest of yellows to warm, honey hues to a dark orange color.

Healing Properties

Like the quartz and the amethyst, citrine carries a strong amplification ability. People who are experiencing anxiety or fear should turn to citrine, because it has the ability to soothe these issues. Abundance and prosperity are the two properties that citrine is well-known for.

Citrine has been said to aid in clearer thinking and accelerating people's spiritual visions. Wear a pair of citrine earrings to keep the stones close to your mind. This manifests the clarity of your thinking to the ultimate level.

If you want to develop or elevate your intuition, citrine is the one to turn to. Citrine can also help to stimulate your natural creativity level, or if you are interesting in increasing the abundance of anything in your life, citrine has the power to influence and amplify.

Citrine is said to be able to help you in creating the life of your dreams.

3 Anklet Jewelry No-no's

Anklets are timeless pieces of jewelry that adorn the ankle and can be worn year-round, but there are some no-no's that women commit when wearing anklet jewelry. When you wear jewelry, the last thing you want people to think is that is looks tacky, so think about these no-no's the next time you plan to wear an anklet.

1. The Wrong Occasion - Just like any other piece of jewelry, you want to make sure that you are wearing your anklet to the right occasion. Formal occasions would call for more dainty, delicate anklets, while you could get away with chunkier, beaded anklets for more casual affairs. You don't want to look like you are wearing an electric monitoring anklet.

2. Cheap Anklets - You want to refrain from wearing cheap anklets at all times. Even if an anklet is made of stunning gemstones, if it is held together with elastic, there is a good chance that your constantly bending and flexing ankle will put wear and tear on it quickly and stretch the elastic out, and may even cause it to break. Thin platinum, silver or gold anklets are your best bet for any occasion, and they will last forever.

3. Wrong Shoes - Pairing an anklet with the wrong shoes could also be a big no-no. Whatever you wear for shoes should be complimented by the anklet you plan to wear. Obviously, if you are planning on wearing shoes that tie around your ankle, an anklet may not be a complementary jewelry choice. On the other hand, a simple, thin gold anklet could look stunning with either heels or flip flops, depending on the occasion.

Jewelry Etiquette for Weddings - Part 2

On Saturday, two questions were posed about wedding jewelry etiquette. Today, two more will be posted, and you can look forward to more wedding jewelry etiquette questions in future blog posts, right here on the BC Custom Jewelry blog.

Q: If we are not planning on having attendants at our wedding, who should we put in charge of holding the rings?

A: There is a very easy solution to this question. The groom can certainly carry both of the wedding rings in his suit pocket. You will want to ensure that the pocket is perfectly sealed and deep enough so that the rings do not fall out, or purchase a nice, small ring bag to hold them in inside the pocket. Many men have found that a ring case is just too sizeable and heavy, which does not look right, especially for pictures.

Q: Traditionally speaking, who is supposed to purchase the wedding rings?

A: Traditionally, it is expected that the groom would purchase the wedding ring for the bride and vice versa. However, weddings have become more contemporary, wherein couples are paying for their entire wedding expense. Therefore, there really is no right or wrong when purchasing wedding rings, as long as the decision is mutually agreed upon.

Stay tuned for more jewelry etiquette for weddings in future blog posts on the BC Custom Jewelry blog.

Jewelry Etiquette for Weddings - Part 1

When a wedding is in the near future, jewelry etiquette questions tend to pop up, and while some can be considered funny, others are serious business. This is Part 1 of the two-part wedding jewelry etiquette series for this week's blogs. (Tune in Monday for Part 2)

Q: My beloved aunt presented me with an obnoxious-looking pair of earrings to wear on my wedding day. I was planning on wearing some dainty, delicate earrings that matched my mother's necklace ("something borrowed"). How do I handle this?

A: Most of the time, even though it may not seem like it, "honesty is the best policy". You definitely want to thank your aunt genuinely, because her gesture was certainly thoughtful, even if her taste does not match your jewelry style. Explain to her that you have already selected the jewelry that you are planning to wear. If possible, you could offer to wear the obnoxious-looking earrings to your rehearsal or your wedding shower. Whatever you do and say, remember that she probably loves the style of the earrings and was trying to do something special for you, so try your best not to hurt her feelings.

Q: My husband-to-be doesn't feel like we need to spend money on a ring for him. First of all, he says that he cannot wear it to work due to the industry that he works in. Second of all, he is just not a "jewelry person". Is it okay if we only exchange my ring at the ceremony?

A: A wedding ring has always been a symbol of the love between the people getting married. However, if your husband doesn't want to spend the money on a ring for himself, then it is perfectly acceptable for him to just present a ring to you. You may want to consider just getting a simple wedding band for him to exchange at the ceremony, and then you can keep it in your jewelry box after the wedding is over. Or, you can tell your wedding officiant that you wedding will be a single-ring ceremony.

Tune in Monday for the answer to more wedding jewelry etiquette questions.

Healing Stone- Amythest

In a continuation to the healing stones series, and following behind the quartz post, it is appropriate to talk about amethyst, which is actually a well-known quartz crystal. Just the beautiful purple color alone is enough to attract people to it.

Beating Habits and Addictions

Amethyst also carries the same power that quartz does, with a focus on spiritual growth and healing. Anyone who has an addiction can turn to the amethyst for strength to overcome it. Going all the way back to ancient Greek times, the amethyst has been used to heal people from addictive habits, like smoking, drinking and drugs.

In the Bedroom

The amethyst is known to "quiet your mind". If you have trouble sleeping, add an amethyst to your room to promote peaceful sleep, and if bad dreams and nightmares haunt you, the amethyst is supposed to bring sweet dreams, as well.

Just like the quartz, the amethyst amplifies energy. Wearing an amethyst around your neck will keep energies close to your body. And, if you are tormented with sadness, grief, melancholy or depression, the amethyst will help to heal your emotional pain. Finally, if you want to increase your intuition, the amethyst is the gem to choose.

What's Your Jewelry Inspiration?

Custom-made jewelry is normally inspired by something. What is your jewelry inspiration?

For example, do you look at nature to come up with your inspirations? Do you like the earthy tones or the colors in the ocean? Are you attracted to jewelry that is made of wooden beads and designed to resemble nature-esque patterns and scenes? Do you like butterfly, fish or even moon-shaped jewelry?

Maybe you look at artwork to form inspirations for your jewelry styles and designs. You may love art-inspired jewelry that is crafted with contemporary art in mind, like geometric shapes or basically anything that has an art-deco flair.

You may have a tendency to be lured by a certain era of jewelry, which you find at estate sales and flea markets. The Georgian era, the Victorian era, Edwardian jewelry all have different styles and inspirations, but come with the classic flair of the era.

Maybe you love jewelry that is inspired by specific places. Jewelry from Mexico is obviously quite different from Mediterranean jewelry. Where is your favorite jewelry piece from?

What is your jewelry inspiration? If you ever become interested in getting a custom-made jewelry piece that is crafted just for you, think about what your jewelry inspiration is before you select a style and design.

Matching Necklaces to Necklines

Before I go into the how-to part of this blog post, I want to make it clear that BC Custom Jewelry is all about creating your own jewelry styles, so you don't necessarily have to follow any jewelry "rules", so to speak, but this has been a popular question.

So, how do you match you necklace lengths with your shirt or dress necklines?

Let's break it down into types of necklines:

Turtleneck - Honestly, it's going to be pretty difficult to wear a choker or even a short-length necklace with a shirt that comes almost up to your chin. The best necklaces to pair with a turtleneck are the longer-length necklaces, measuring at 22 inches or longer. You may find that the longer the chain, the better when you wear turtlenecks. That way, you don't have to worry about the neck of the shirt bunching under the necklace.

Shirt with Collar - The collared shirt can be tricky when trying to pair it with a necklace. With the collar unbuttoned, a choker could work great. If you want to wear something longer, try one that is over 32 inches. That way, the necklace doesn't "get lost" in the shirt.

V-Necks - This type of shirt can also be a challenge. You may want to think about wearing a longer necklace, ranging from 24" to 30", but not too long.

Crew and Scoop Neck - These tops are similar, Chokers may not be the best option, because the neckline is so close to the neck, but longer length necklaces will work perfectly. You could even wear the princess length with these types of shirts.

As always, be sure that what you are wearing makes you feel good. That is the most important part!

What/When Not To Wear Jewelry!

Now, I've talked about how to wear jewelry, how to make your own jewelry, different crystals and diamonds and types of gold. Did you ever watch the show What Not to Wear on the TLC channel? Just like with clothing, jewelry can be "worn wrong".

Of course, everyone is welcome to choose - and design - their own jewelry style. Stacking jewelry (wearing several necklaces, bracelets, rings at the same time) is definitely a trend right now. You can wear silver and gold together now. Pretty much anything goes with jewelry, and, yes, you can create your own jewelry trends.

However, there are times when jewelry just isn't appropriate. Do you play sports? Do yard work? Gardening? Are you going scuba diving? Sky diving? Would you do these activities in heels? Ok, well some of you might, but a general rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't wear heels, don't wear jewelry. Then, just think about this: what if you lose your oh-so-favorite bracelet while scuba diving in the deep blue sea?

If you are using cleaning agents or planning to swim in a pool, think twice about wearing jewelry. Bleach, chlorine and other chemicals can damage the gemstones and even weaken the perfectly made settings in your beloved jewelry.

So, before you go out wearing your bling (and even around the house), think twice about what you are exposing your jewelry to.