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Diamond Industry: The Crisis is Getting Worse

De Beers just announced its first-half of the year financial results, which fell 21% in comparison to the same time frame last year. Supposedly, demand in China has decreased and the demand for diamonds in the U.S. decreased due to "weather-related" issues. (Whatever that means.)

Because of this decrease in demand, De Beers has allowed what they normally have frowned upon - deferrals and declines. Normally, a deferral or outright decline will put a black mark on a company name in De Beers' eyes, but with sales dipping as they have, they have decided to change their policies a bit and be more flexible in their dealings.

“We’ve done this as we recognize that it’s a challenging period for our customers and this provides them with a lot of extra flexibility during this time,” company spokesman, David Johnson says.

This flexibility and change of policies at the moment comes at a time when the Indian diamond industry is suffering. Godhani Gems, an Indian diamond company, is experiencing issues, and, sadly, jobless workers are committing suicide. At the same time, flooding has washed out farmlands, leaving people without jobs and without a way to sustain their families on their crops.

For the sake of everyone involved, the hopes are high that things turn around quickly and the diamond market recovers.

Infographic: Ritani's Breakdown of Engagement Ring Spending Per State

An interesting infographic was released by Ritani, which shows which brides are getting spoiled and which ones are getting duped. (That's a joke.) Obviously, everybody has a budget that they need to stick to when it comes to engagement rings, but it does show some interesting information when looking at the average amount spent per state.

ritani infographic

Apologies for the very small copy of the infographic, but essentially,  a list of the average for each state is posted below.

It does lead one to wonder: why does the west coast have higher averages (Ahem, the highest averages), while the east coast is only on the middle of the scale? For example, the highest average was Montana, at $9,523, and trailing in second is Nevada with $9,478, with Washington at $9,173 in third place for average spending. On the east coast, Vermont had the lowest spending average, at $2,665 and Maine wasn't much to brag about, at $4,105. South Dakoda won the "cheapo" award, at an average spending of $1,251.

If you think your man might pop the question, maybe you need to think about relocating first? (That's another joke.) What do you think makes a difference in the average spending amounts?

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Here is the comprehensive list of average spending for engagement rings per state:

1. Alabama: $8,062

2. Alaska: $5,353

3. Arizona $6,347

4. Arkansas: $3,176

5. California: $7,991

6. Colorado: $6,938

7. Connecticut: $6,971

8. Delaware: $4,684

9. Florida: $7,128

10. Georgia: $6,099

11. Hawaii: $6,896

12. Idaho: $6,794

13. Illinois: $7,753

14. Indiana: $8,763

15. Iowa: $6,056

16. Kansas: $ 5,955

17. Kentucky: $6,677

18. Louisiana: $5,754

19. Maine: $4,105

20. Maryland: $7,331

21. Massachusetts: $8,574

22. Michigan: $5,605

23. Minnesota: $8,853

24. Mississippi: $6,065

25. Missouri: $6,908

26. Montana: $9,523

27. Nebraska: $3,835

28. Nevada: $9,478

29. New Hampshire: $8,556

30. New Jersey: $8,427

31. New Mexico: $5,131

32. New York: $7,789

33. North Carolina: $6,762

34. North Dakota: $8,616

35. Ohio: $5,546

36. Oklahoma: $4,835

37. Oregon: $5,525

38. Pennsylvania: $5,726

39. Rhode Island: $4,821

40. South Carolina: $4,868

41. South Dakota: $1,251

42. Tennessee: $4,535

43. Texas: $7,233

44. Utah: $4,537

45. Vermont: $2,665

46. Virginia: $6,024

47. Washington: $9,173

48. West Virginia: $5,196

49. Wisconsin: $6,395

50. Wyoming: $6,355

Jennifer Lopez - Endless Jewelry Collection

Just after celebrating her birthday, July 24th, Jennifer Lopez (46) came out with her own jewelry collection, but more exciting than her jewelry collection, Endless Jewelry, was the campaign and the pics that went along with it.

The pics of J.Lo featured her jewelry, but it's difficult to even notice the jewelry when her sultry, smokey appeal detracts from anything else in the pics!



For someone who just turned 46, she looks like she's still in her 20's! Okay, so let's get beyond her perfect eyebrows, neatly slicked back and highlighted hair and natural looking, smokey make-up on flawless skin, and look at the jewelry:



jlo-jewelry02-ftr1 (1)



Those leather charm bracelets are cute! You can choose from black, red or golden reptile, or, if reptile isn't your style, you can try the metallic style band. Then, there are multiple charms to choose from to make your own style.

Which ones do you like the best? Do you wear charm bracelets?

Most of all, does the J.Lo campaign make you want to buy these bracelets and charms, or are you more interested in how to do your make-up the same? Seems like that is a toss-up for Hollywood Life, who breaks down how to get this J.Lo smokey look for yourself.