Jewelry to Match Your Personality
December 30, 2015 by admin.

How do you choose jewelry to match your personality? As we head toward kicking off a new year, we're going to share how we select jewelry for our own personalities here at BC Custom jewelry.

One of the first ways to determine jewelry to match your personality is to establish your activity level, or rather what types of activities you participate in, including work. For instance, people who use their hands for work, like painters or even writers, may not be comfortable in rings or bracelets. Necklaces and earrings are probably better suited for you.

Regina George sporting her signature hoop earrings Regina George sporting her signature hoop earrings

Once you decide which types of jewelry best fit with your activity level, think about the persona you want to portray to people. Are you more whimsical? Then, bright colors and funky styles will show off your personality best. If you're more demure, then you will find that daintier jewelry will suit you the best.

By figuring out the type of jewelry that reflects your personality, then wearing it on a daily basis, you can present a signature look. People will recognize you by your jewelry, and associate your jewelry style with who you are. You can always change up your signature look if you get bored, too. That's the best part!

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