Diamonds - Not Just A Girl's Best Friend!
December 23, 2015 by admin.

Diamonds have always been known as a "girl's best friend," but let's not forget that they can be just as much a man's best friend as a woman's. And while this may seem like a new trend in fashion and jewelry, if you were to take a trip back through time, you would realize that men have been donning diamonds for centuries, as well.


Here are some quick tips for diamonds for men:

1. Keep it small. It may seem like a man's diamond should be large, but as you see in the picture, smaller diamonds are what looks best on a man. They tend to seem shinier, too, when smaller, than larger gemstones.

2. Pair multiples. Again, the picture demonstrates that pairing several smaller diamonds creates an amazing appeal. Not only do the lined up diamonds seem extra shiny, they also look fabulous together, as opposed to one single stone.

3. Add them to another gemstone. This is something you will see often for men, one large sapphire or emerald surrounded by smaller diamonds. This look not only adds some color to the piece of jewelry, but also showcases the different gemstones amazingly.

See, men can flaunt diamonds just a handsomely as women!

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