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BC Custom Jewelry’s Anklets

Anklets have a lengthy and full history in the world and BC Jewelry has a large inventory to fit that history. We also customize and create our own gold or silver anklets.

Cultures and Anklets

Through the years, women from many cultures used ankle bracelets to create a certain look, show their riches, indicate marital status, attract a man, and attract attention to their beautiful legs, ankles and feet. 

Anklets were found in ancient Samaria in Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago this was the first evidence found for the use of anklets.  It is believed that a woman wore the anklet to signify the wealth her husband had.

Both rich and poor alike wore gold anklets in Ancient Egypt, the only difference being that the poor wore charms, and the rich women wore god and precious gems.

Throughout the Mid East woman wore anklets with chains attached to give them a more feminine step.

The most interesting history of anklets may be from India where anklets are thought to have been first established. Anklets were an important part of custom than and were worn to show whether or not a woman was married. Anklets are still part of the wedding ceremony today.

Indian women wore anklets with bells attached to them for making music while dancing, this is also seen in the Middle East among belly dancers.

Anklets in the United States

In the United States gold and silver anklets began their popularity in the 1950’s, by the 1970’s women began wearing anklets with their initials or name on them.

Anklets are basically thin bracelets that are worn around your ankle, and at BC Custom Jewelers we can create any type of anklet you want. Our artisan jewelers will help with the design, choosing the right material, and even giving you tips on sizing if the silver or gold anklet you are purchasing is going to be a surprise.

It is said that men used to give women they were in a relationship with a silver or gold anklet to show their sincerity about the relationship. This is a wonderful tradition and one that is still followed today. So surprise the one you care for with a custom designed gold or silver anklet from BC Custom Jewelry, we promise you that it will be perfect for the one in your life.

We also repair any broken anklets you may have at BC Custom Jewelry