Staff at BC Custom Jewelry,
I do not really know how to begin to thank you but I will try. When my mom passed away my sisters and I were devastated, she was the type of mom that loved us all equally and showed it by wearing her custom-made birthstone ring with all of our five birthstones in it every day. We loved to watch her look at it with such love. She originally received it on the last Christmas my dad was alive and it meant so much to her. We all wanted that ring as a remembrance of mom, and tried sharing it by each one of us wearing it for a week at a time, but that was not working so well. A friend of ours suggested using your custom jewelry store to have it redone so we could all have our own birthstone ring. We saw the custom bracelet that you made for our friend and it was gorgeous, but never having seen a ring taken apart before, we were all a little leery about having this precious memento being ruined, but we decided to try it. We were truly amazed, first at your suggestion of using each stone and the gold from the original family ring in our new ones, second at how beautiful the rings turned out. We each wear them every day and I can tell you that I get tears in my eyes every time I look at my ring and can feel the love our mom had for us. Knowing that my birthstone ring is part of her original makes me feel closer to her somehow. I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and understanding you showed us when we described what we wanted, and the excitement we felt when you said you could customize the rings. Now we each have our own original birthstone ring but they still look and feel like Moms. I can still remember the look on her face and the tears in her eyes when Dad gave it to her that last Christmas, thank you for giving that to me.
— My Best Wishes Go Out to You, Brian, Janet and Sharon at BC Custom Jewelry,

The Filmont Family

I had to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my husband’s wedding band. I was looking for months for a unique design just for him, and your suggestion and craftsmanship were both perfect.
— Thank you so much,

Eunice Calderon

Thank you so much for helping my new fiancé choose the style you designed for my engagement ring, it is the most beautiful ring I ever saw and he could not have done it without you and BC Custom Jewelry.
— I love showing off my ring

Sharon Sauerwein

Janet and Brian,
Thank you for the perfect custom made family birthstone ring you made for my wife. It was extremely hard to find a ring with all eight of our children’s birthstones on it, in a style, my wife would love, but you did a wonderful job.
— Thanks,

Jim Allsworth

Sharon and Brian,
I thought I would spend a small fortune on the custom detailed men’s ring I wanted for my husband, but with your help, I was able to get him exactly what he wanted at a price I could afford and he loves it.
— Thanks for all of your help,

Linda Martin

BC Custom Jewelry,
This is my first time commenting on a piece of jewelry I received but I was so excited by this that I just had to say thank you. My husband never seemed to be able to pick out jewelry that I liked before, but this time the diamond necklace he surprised me with for our anniversary was stunning, and he said that I should thank you, as you designed it. So,
—Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

Julie Marcinkak

Thank you for your help in finding me the most beautiful Opal pendant I have ever seen. It was the perfect gift for my mother-in-law. She loved the way you incorporated the design of her favorite flower. She actually smiled at me for what I think was the first time.
— Sincerely,

Joan Rubin

I cannot even explain the look on my wife’s face when I handed her the box of loose diamonds and a gift certificate so she could get them placed in a design of her choice. She said it was the best gift I ever got her.
— Thank you for making her smile,

Rob Gilder

I was glad I found you when I did. My co-workers and I were looking for the perfect retirement gift for our boss, who is a lovely woman, but we could not find anything that seemed perfect enough. The bracelet you designed after I told you a bit about her was amazing; it was as if you knew her yourself. She cried when she saw it and said it was the most beautiful bracelet see had ever seen. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to a very good boss and a great friend.
—A New Loyal Customer of BC Custom Jewelry,

Kerry Kimes

I had to tell you that the rope bracelet you helped me pick out for my girlfriend was beautiful and she loved it. Thanks this is the first time ( I ) got it right.
— Respectfully,

Paul Battens

I want to thank you for the care you put into the men’s ring I bought for my husband. He loves the stone you chose, (I told him I picked it out) and the custom workmanship.
— Thanks,

Karen Paulson

Thank you for the custom design pendant, you could tell how much time went into making it, the spirals just right. It is perfect. I will never go to one of those commercial jewelers again, I am sticking with BC Custom Jewelry.
— Thanks,

Lisa Nguyen

I want to thank you for the time and care you showed to me when I was at a loss of what to do with my dad’s wedding ring after he passed on. As you know, I wanted to give it to my husband but it did not fit and was not really his style. Your suggestion on customizing the style and resizing the existing ring was fabulous. I can now look at my dad’s ring on my husband’s finger and feel him with me every day. Due to your idea, my husband and I are renewing our vows and I would love it if you could come to the ceremony we are having to bless this ring, and reaffirm our love. I will let you know the exact date.
— Loyal Customer for Life,

Megan Bovenmeyer

Thank you so much for helping my husband redo his mother’s ring for me. I loved that ring dearly and when she passed on and left it to me I was thrilled. When it did not fit, we were devastated. My sister gave me a card for BC custom Jewelry; she had purchased a custom bracelet there last year, and loves it. The ring came out beautifully you can’t even tell that it was resized to be made larger.
— Sincerely,

Lyn Carter

Janet, Sharon and Brian,
I had to thank you, I picked up my custom necklace yesterday and could not be happier with what you did for me. I wanted something to match my style but could not find one I liked anywhere. Your choice of stones and the style fits me perfectly. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and family.
— Thank You so Much,

Taylor Sharp

Thank you for the beautiful script you used on my wife’s necklace. I was having a hard time finding any necklace at all that spelled her name the way she does, and now I have her beautiful name in a sweet script and she loves it.
— Thank you for my, “Monik”,

Mason Moore

Brian and Sharon,
Thank you for the great custom job you did on my wife’s bracelet, When it broke I felt it was the perfect time to add our second new baby girl’s name and you made it look like it was came that way in the first place.
— Sincerely,

Jim Cranston

Brian and Janet,
Thank you so much for repairing my engagement ring, I thought it was gone forever after going through the garbage disposal but you made it look new again, and no one is the wiser.
— Thank you for saving me.

Dory Weinstein

Dear Brian, Sharon and Janet,
I have to tell you how happy you made me by fixing (Literally) my problem. When I wanted to be able to wear both my Mom’s engagement ring that I was given when she passed away, and the one my fiancé gave me that was his Mom’s, that he got when she passed away, I found they were two different sizes and styles that did not look good together. Your idea of putting both stones together in one ring was great, and the design you created is beautiful. Now nobody’s feelings are hurt, and I have the most original engagement ring I have ever seen.
— Sincerely,

Tina Mullins

To the Staff of BC Custom Jewelers,
I do not normally leave comments for anything but the ring you designed for my daughter was exquisite and I want everyone to know it. You were able to take an old-fashioned diamond ring from her grandmother and make it into a new, detailed, current design with ease. You would never know that this ring ever looked any different, and having the old material used for the new ring saved me a fortune. Thank you for making both of us very happy.
— A new Customer,

Adria Krantz

Dear Janet,
I have to thank you publically for the great customer service and craftsmanship of your jewelry at BC Custom Jewelry. The ring I was searching for just did not exist, but you and your staff created one that looked just like what I described to you. Thank you for making my Mom very happy with her Mother’s Day gift.
— Sincerely,

Anna Starfas

Dear Sharon,
I am truly amazed at the craftsmanship of your team. The broken ring I brought in was truly a mess but you made it look like new again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Forever a Customer,

Roe Somers

Dear Brian,
I cannot get over how you took two old falling apart rings and put them together to look like one new beautiful ring all with the cost being easy on my wallet.
— Thank You,

Tim Braggs

Dear Staff at BC Custom Jewelry,
You deserve the highest praise for the job you did on remaking my wife’s old wedding band. I wanted to by her a new one after this one accidently was run over, but she wanted the original back. I thought it was hopeless until I found you. The ring looks just as good as the day we purchased it.
— Respectfully,

Alan Shoemate