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50 Shades of Gray Necklace?

When Lisa Richardt of the two-year old, Seattle based brand, Veronica & Harold went to see 50 Shades of Gray, she almost couldn't believe her eyes. She said that what she saw "was the most surreal experience seeing it. It was so, so exciting.”

The reason she felt this way? Dakota Johnson wore the same necklace all the way through the movie - did you notice what it looked like? It was a delicate looking wire horseshoe shaped necklace that was hand crafted by Lisa herself. “It’s the only necklace she wears in the film,” she says.

She hadn't known until that moment that the special order that had come to her through West Hollywood boutique Show Pony, where her collection is sold, was for Dakota Johnson. All she knew was that, about a year ago, “a costume designer contacted me and said an actress in a film had picked the piece out, and wanted to get multiples of it.” No other information was provided to her about the order or the purchase.

So, imagine her surprise when she sees it in a movie! Of course, since the movie debuted, orders for the necklace have been flying in for the necklace, which makes Lisa Richardt a very happy, busy, and lucky woman!



Manhattan Pop-Up Store

H.Stern Soho Pop-Up Boutique (4)


In Manhattan, at the 104 Greene Street address, located between Price and Spring Streets, H. Stern has created the site for the brand's first pop-up store in the U.S. It opened up about two months ago and will remain there through July 2015 in Manhattan's Soho Neighborhood. The flagship store on Fifth Avenue is currently under renovation and expected to reopen its doors sometime this summer.

The inspiration of the pop-up shop came from an art gallery, Roberto Stern, the president and creative director of H.Stern, explained to the media. The design was created by Patricia Carvalho and Adriana Valle, two Brazilian architects, and it reflects, as Stern alluded to in his announcement, a gallery-type theme.

The space is all of 1,800 square feet that features natural elements and light. Rope, wood, plexiglass and copper visuals accent the area for a true naturalistic appeal. Several jewelry collections are housed within the pop-up boutique, including H. Stern's signature motif, Stars, as well as Moonlight, Fluid Gold, and Copernicus, as well as other collections.

If you're in the New York Manhattan area, it's only going to be open until July 2015, so you should stop in and see the once in a lifetime H. Stern pop-up store.

New Jewelry Partnership - Blue Nile and Colin Cowie

Blue Nile, the jewelry company that calls itself the "source of brilliance" has joined alliances with Colin Cowie, wedding consultant extraordinaire, to create a collection of fine jewelry and engagement rings. Along with the production aspect, Colin Cowie will also act as the spokesman for Blue Nile. Details of the spokesperson deal have not been announced to the public yet.

The collection of jewelry that the team will create will be crafted in 18k gold and platinum as well as 14k white gold, three of the most popular golds for engagement bands. Projections expect for the collection to be available for purchase in May, and include ring designs featuring many different offerings of shape, size and styles. Additionally, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces will be sold in this collection. The three collections for women, the Eternal, the Promise, and the Romance collections, and one men's line, will range in retail price from $395 to $7,800.

“I have always had a passion for jewelry, and I am in the business of romance—they go hand in hand,” Cowie said in a statement. Announces Open Call for Wholesale announced just yesterday on Instagram that they will be offering artists who sell on their site the ability to wholesale their work to stores. teamed up with Nordstrom, Walker Shop, the Land of Nod, and other stores, to develop a means for Etsy sellers to pitch their brands to a bigger market.

If you are an seller already and you are interested in this opportunity, you will need to be approved by the wholesale division of Then, you will share pictures of your online shop's history, choose which retailers you would be interested in working with, and talk about a favorite item that you have made. There are hashtags that you will need to use, like @EtsyWholesale and for Instagram, #EtsyOpenCall.

For more information about this opportunity, you can read on's website here. And, as always, we wish our readers and customers good luck in their jewelry making endeavors!


Make A Statement With Rock Crystal Quartz

They say that when you speak Clearly, or make Clear Statements, things should be Crystal Clear to your audience. Well, what about when you are wearing crystal clear jewelry? If you want to make a clear statement, why not do it with a piece of jewelry that features rock crystal quartz?

David Webb made this crystal popular back in the 60's and 70's, because he had a way of pairing up the clear crystal nonprecious with other gemstones that were considered high-end, such as platinum and diamonds. Nothing, not even diamonds, outshines the clear-see-through appearance of rock crystal quartz and offers a ton of shine for a very low price.



As you can see, the rock above that the gem is cut from, is absolutely stunning in itself. When it is turned into jewelry, it looks like:









So, if you are looking for a shiny new piece of bling, you can make a statement without spending the costly amounts that diamond jewelry requires. Rather, find yourself a clear rock crystal quartz piece of jewelry that you like or have one made for you by a custom jeweler like us here at BC Custom Jewelry.

Drake Confirms Minaj-Meek Engagement on Stage

We just talked about the $500,000 heart shaped ring that Nicki Minaj flashed on Instagram the other day. And while it was still in the air whether they were actually engaged, E! News had confirmed that a "source" did say that the ring was more than a promise ring.

At Coachella, Drake all but announced the engagement when Nicki jumped up on the stage while he was performing and he praised and congratulated her. He wasn't verbally specific about what he was praising and congratulating her for, but the ring on her finger was enough to show the answer.

They've been posting little updates on their social media, dropping hints about the time that they have been spending together, including touring together as the "hottest rap couple", but have yet to really come out and tell the world what is going on.  At this point, things are only going to get hotter between these two love birds.

Male Jewelry - Timeless AND Trendy

When you are looking for men's jewelry and accessories, two things to keep in mind are today's current trends AND future trends that will continue to make the piece wearable - which is, in other words, timeless. More old-fashioned men tend to lean toward the timeless pieces than they do toward the trendy aspect, but today's younger men are looking at pieces that will be functional as well as wearable.

For watches and rings, the chunkier, the better seems to be the motto. Black straps with chrono edges are also in style for watches and bracelets - and will remain in style for a long time to come. Simple functionality may be more important than having an Apple Watch, as reviews seem to be saying that an "accessory" like that is unnecessary. And with all of these characteristics, it's fairly easy to hit the timeless category.

If you want to hand-craft a piece of jewelry for a man, hand-crafted macrame bracelets decorated with masculine charms, in more of a bohemian trend, will fit the bill. The black macrame mixed with silver charms will create a timeless contrast. Choose from charms like feathers, skulls and crosses to create a more masculine appeal.

Minaj Heart-Shaped Ring Dissed by Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend

Since we have been keeping you up with the happenings of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, the heart-shaped ring and the engagement rumors, we thought that you would be interested in hearing about the latest in this string of heart-shaped ring news.

Within 24 hours of Minaj posting the engagement-rumored ring, an image that went around like wildfire on social media, Bad Medina, Floyd Mayweather's fiance posted a picture of herself wearing the same exact ring. The words that captioned the picture of Bad Medina's ring said, "like no other", scoring 560,000 likes on her Instagram.

rings minaj mayweather

While Minaj took the silent road, Meek Mill, Philadelphia-born rapper, left a comment on the picture that was not-so-nice toward Bad Medina. It essentially said that she was lucky Mayweather accepted her and that she didn't have millions like Minaj. Hopefully this is the end of this ring battle.

Even though the ring has been rumored to value $500,000, many have said it looks like a little kid ring, no matter who is wearing it.

Nicki Minaj Heart Shaped Ring on Instagram - Meek Mill Rumors

It has been rumored that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill (Robert Rahmeek Williams) were engaged, and without saying it, Minaj seemed to give the answer when she flashed the $500,000 heart-shaped ring on Instagram the other day.  An engagement is still not formerly announced, so there's still a chance that the somewhat children's costume-looking ring is simply a promise ring.




E! News leaked that a source has confirmed that the two have not only been spending a significant amount of time with each other, and that the ring is much more than a promise ring. "It may seem like it all is happening very quickly but Nicki and Meek are in this 100," the source says. "They truly love each other."

In addition to her Instagram flash of the ring, she also sent out another message, putting any rumors about her and Beyonce to dust: "Didn't post pics from that night but I love this sketch of me and Bey at Coachella. You are freaking incredible@ebonyt, it really sums up how we were feeling that day...super free & chill. Don't stop creating your art little lady."

Apple Watch Results Are In! (They're Coming In Slowly)

A very lucky and select few Apple Watch owners were allowed to post their reviews as of just a few days ago. And, the reviews have started to roll in! Sadly, out of the 1.7 million pre-orders from consumers who are anticipating their new Apple Watch arrival, only 22% were shipped out this past weekend. While you sit there staring at your bare wrist, you may want to read what some of the lucky ones have to say:

Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times said that it took him "three long, often confusing and frustrating days" to figure out the Apple Watch, and then he fell in love.

The Verge's Nilay Patel thought that the Apple Watch still came off as a gadget, "despite Apple’s best efforts to make it a luxury item."

And Joshua Topolsky on Bloomberg titled his review "You'll Want One, But You Don't Need One".  His point was there are "plenty of product on the market", do you really need another one?

All in all, not the best announcements for Apple, but who needs good reviews when there are already 1.7 million pre-orders of a product?