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Find the Ideal Ring at BC Custom Jewelry

If you are searching for that special ring out of what seems like a mountain of engagement rings, or wedding bands, remember at BC Custom Jewelry you can find the perfect loose diamond and we can place it in any custom rings setting for you.

You probably have an idea of what you already like, at least the shape of the stone and the metal that you want to use, but below you will find a bit more information on these. You will learn what metals are stronger, and how the different cuts of loose diamonds will make them look brilliant no matter what setting you chose.

Only the most precious metals are used by BC Custom Jewelry for our wedding bands engagement rings, eternity bands, and more. If you want another metal, we will accommodate your requests.

A quick look at different metals:

Gold; gold is measured in karats and broken down by parts. The purest gold is 24 karat but that is too soft for most jewelry such as engagement rings. Next is 18 karat which is 18 parts gold, and 6 parts other alloys, 14 karat is 14 parts gold and 10 karat which is the strongest is only 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other alloys.

Platinum; platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and known as a representation of undying love.

Sterling Silver; Sterling silver has been used for thousands of years in the making of engagements rings, wedding bands, three stone rings and more.

You can choose from any of the above metals and we will make certain that the loose diamonds or color stone rings you choose will look exactly as you dreamed it would, and it will for years to come.

Not only does the metal make a difference in how a diamond looks in its setting, but also the cut of the diamond itself makes the difference in its brilliance. If you are here looking for that perfect engagement ring take some time and learn about how the different cuts can change the way a diamond looks.

Cuts for Loose Diamonds

When you are searching for the perfect diamond ring whether it is engagement rings, eternity bands, color stone rings, or wedding rings the ideal diamond for you is a matter of preference. As long as a professional cuts the diamond properly, such as the ones you will find at BC Custom Jewelry, it will be beautiful in any setting.

The cut of the diamond or color stone not only refers to its shape but also its proportions. Not many think of this when looking for that special engagement ring for the one they love, but we at BC Custom Jewelers do. The proportions of loose diamonds bring out their utmost brilliance, if the cut is too shallow or too deep light is lost and so is its beauty.

There are three basic cuts made to loose diamonds, a brilliant, a step-cut and a mixed cut. These can be broken down into the actual shape of the diamond and the choice is purely personal preference.

The brilliant cut diamond includes round, oval, pear, heart and marquise cut diamonds.

Step cut diamonds feature rows of facets in a step fashion; you might know them as the emerald-cut or baguette with a rectangular shaped top.

Mixed cut diamonds unite the best of both above cuts and are known as princess cut diamonds. They have either a square or a rectangular shaped top with an inverted pyramid side profile.

We at BC Custom Jewelry know that certain shape diamond engagement rings look best on particular shaped fingers and can make the following recommendations.

A round cut is the most popular shape loved by those who are traditional.

Marquise diamonds compliment long slender fingers.

Emerald cuts are perfect for one whose taste is classic.

Teardrop or pear cut is for someone who is completely unique and wants to show it.

Oval shaped diamonds are original and for those who feel the need to break with tradition.

Diamonds are measured in carats, pronounced the same as karat, the measurement for gold. The term dates back to ancient times and comes from the ancient unit of measure the “carob seed”.

For years, BC Custom Jewelry has advanced and developed the way they create jewelry. Now computers aid in the process, but it always comes back to the experience of the jeweler. Our jewelers have many combined years of experience that will bring you the most brilliant cut stones and beautiful engagement rings settings, wedding bands, diamond bands, color stone rings, eternity bands and three stone rings.

Not only do we make new jewelry, but our jewelers are unsurpassed at repairing any broken jewelry you may have. Even if your engagement ring went through the garbage disposal we will repair so it is just like when you saw it for the first time.