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Gold and Silver Necklaces Make the Perfect Gift from BC Custom Jewelry

Gold necklaces and silver necklaces are among the most popular jewelry gifts that people purchase from BC Custom Jewelry. You can always find something special for that perfect someone in a necklace, and if you can’t we can make one for you. Unlike a ring you do not need to know a size to surprise someone with the ideal necklace. As long as you know if the person likes to wear their silver or gold necklaces short or long we at BC Custom Jewelry can help you with the perfect length.

Most of the time you think of necklaces as a metal chain that holds some type of pendant, but necklaces can be far more detailed in the craftsmanship than that. Many silver or gold necklaces are layers of fine gold or silver that will adorn anyone who wears them.  

At BC Custom Jewelry we not only sell already made gold and silver necklaces but we also make handcrafted necklaces to match a design you have in mind, or we can design one for you.

How Necklaces are Worn

Necklaces are usually not worn plain unless the design of the chain itself it ornate. Choosing the right necklace for the adornment that it will hold is very important. You want one that will hold the pendant or stones, but is also not too big or bulky if it is going to held something delicate.

Having a delicate diamond or another stone on a rope chain would simply not look complementary to either piece. Just as a large stone would not be flattering if it were on too thin gold or silver necklaces

The choice between silver or gold necklaces is a matter of personal preference and there is no right or wrong decision. If you are putting a pendant on the necklace either silver or gold will work fine. Keep in mind that 10 karat gold is the strongest of the gold choices, and sterling silver is more durable than regular silver.

24 Karat gold is the most pure but also the weakest gold. 18 karat is mixed with other metals and is stronger and less scratch resistan., 14 karat is also combined with other metals and is even better for its strength, and 10 karat being the lowest of the yellow gold also is mixed but is the most scratch resistant and the strongest gold.

Sterling silver is just as weak as pure 24 karat gold and is mixed with other metals to give it strength.

Necklaces make wonderful gifts for any occasion, you can even purchase one for a Mom when it is her child’s birthday. Choose one with the child’s birthstone and you will most likely see a tear in her eye as she remembers the day she gave birth.

A diamond necklace is ideal to show how much you love her as that special anniversary gift.

On Valentine’s Day a beautiful heart necklace makes a truly spectacular gift. Necklaces are also are perfect “just because” gift on any day of the year.

Gold necklaces and silver necklaces are among the most popular jewelry gifts that people purchase from BC Custom Jewelry. Remember we can also fix any treasured necklaces that are in need of repair, and it will be like new again.