Spring Cleaning Gemstones w/Seltzer Water
May 11, 2015 by admin.

The title pretty much says all that you need to know. As we promised in the beginning of the month, we want to help you with your spring cleaning - as long as you have added Jewelry Cleaning to your spring cleaning list.

While it may just be easier for some people to drop the jewelry off at a jewelry store and have it cleaned - and many will do it for free - there are plenty of people who would rather get what they can accomplish at home with the supplies that are already around the house done at home. Often, it's easier to grab the seltzer water out of the cabinet or the fridge and pour it in a cup and drop the jewelry into it.

How much time does that take? Well, you have to leave them in the cup overnight, but if you think about it, how much effort does that take? And then you dry the jewelry off with a soft cloth.

This is how you would clean your precious and semi-precious gemstone baubles. Stay tuned for more tips from BC Custom Jewelry. Later this week, we will talk about an all-purpose jewelry cleaner that everyone has in their house.

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