Lipstick & Earrings
December 11, 2015 by admin.

Many women may not even think about it, but your lipstick and your earrings might be clashing! If you think about it, your lips and the bottom of your ears are lined up almost perfectly, so earrings and lipstick are definitely linked!

Tips to think on:

1) Color Match - Wearing lipstick and earrings that are the same color is a classic style that has been popular for a reason. You don't have to worry about clashing and you will make the color on your lips and ears pop! On the other hand, matching the colors can distract from the rest of your ensemble.


2. Close, But Different - Taylor Swift is notorious for doing this. Lipstick and earrings that are similar in color, but not the exact shade. To pull this off nicely, you have to make sure that whatever you wear looks like you wore it intentionally. If not, you entire look could appear as a complete fail.

3. Opposite Hues - You can also choose to go in the complete opposite direction. For example, coral and turquoise look amazing together, even though they are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Gold earrings and red lipstick are smashing together, as well.

Try different lipsticks with different earrings to find out how the look together. Just don't forget that when your entire outfit is put together, you want to take a glance at how your earrings and lipstick look.

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