Job Interview Jewelry
December 21, 2015 by admin.

You may not think that there are do's and don'ts of jewelry wearing when you are heading to an interview, but there definitely are some no-no's and some definite must-do's. Here are some quick and easy do's and don'ts for your next job interview.


  • Wear daintier earrings and rings.
  • Wear neutral colored jewelry.


  • Wear bold, bright colored jewelry.
  • Wear large earrings and rings.
  • Wear huge statement pieces.
  • Wear large earrings.

Keep in mind that, while you want to look your pprofessional best, you also want to maintain a more conservative appearance. Your skills and abilities and match to the job that you are interviewing for should stand out far beyond your jewelry.

Remember that large jewelry or bright and bold colors can be distracting, and while they might make you one of the memorable candidates, the last thing you want to be remembered for is the "outrageous jewelry."

The only way this advice might not be fitting is if you are shooting for a job in fashion, but even then, you will want your skills and abilities to stand out in a professional manner, not your jewelry. Not on interview day.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your accessories simple for job interviews.

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