Holiday 2015 Jewelry
December 16, 2015 by admin.

The 2015 holiday season is flaunting bold and bright colored jewelry with lots of sparkle, as well as some chunky pieces. Here are some of our top picks from sites who are talking all about the 2015 holiday bling:

We love the look of this holiday "ice" that Forbes appropriately calls "Oh Come Let Us Adorn You" in ravishing blues:

holiday_gift_ideas_2015_jewelry_guide-1940x1091 Forbes

While Vogue tends to be more on the outrageous side of the spectrum, we love this piece:

polo_ralph_lauren_jpg_853_north_640x_white Vogue

Silpada's necklace in that fabulous ice blue is another amazing piece for this holiday season:

N3393_1_l Silpada

We just love the Fawaz Gruosi Sugar collection:


And his earrings from Melody of Colors collection:


And our final favorite for the 2015 holiday season is this earring and bracelet set from the Fawaz Gruosi collection Boule:



What are your favorite picks for the 2015 holiday season?

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