3 Timeless and Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have
December 14, 2015 by admin.

As the holidays approach, you will notice that jewelry retailers around the world will show off their amazing and fabulous pieces at phenomenal prices. But, the truth is, if you don't have these three classic and timeless (and almost too obvious) jewelry pieces in your collection, nothing else will make it complete.


If you didn't know, you know now. Every woman should have at least one diamond in her jewelry box - or on her body. Enough Said.


Whether you were handed down your great grandma's pearl necklace, or you have recently purchased a new pearl bracelet and earring set, pearls will always be classic, timeless statement pieces. Additionally, the possibilities with pearls are totally endless because they are so simple, yet versatile.


While gemstones are not necessarily jewelry pieces, every jewelry collection needs gemstones in it. You can have your birthstone set in a ring or a necklace, or have a mother's ring made with your children's birthstones. But, you don't have to limit yourself to birthstones! Find out which gemstone colors you love, which ones go best with your hair color, eye color, and wardrobe, and then find jewelry that is made of those particular stones.

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