3 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces
December 18, 2015 by admin.

The other day, we talked about 3 classically traditional jewelry pieces all women should have in their collection. Today, we have three jewelry pieces that are more contemporary must-haves. You'll be glad you bought them, if you haven't already.

1. Dainty  Rings - If you paid any attention to Fashion Week, you would have noticed that most of the jewelry featured was bulky and bold. The one exception to this trend was the rings. Rather than the trend we called "statement rings," dainty rings accompanied the fabulous ensembles.

2. Statement Necklace - Fashion week showed off the bold and bulky statement necklaces. You must have at least one contemporary necklace in your collection! Big, bold, and attention-grabbing, statement necklaces are great for work or a night on the town. Again, once you add a contemporary chunky necklace to your collection, you will be glad you have it.

3. Assymetrical Earrings - The runway isn't the only place people are pulling off the mismatched earrings appeal. This fashion trend is really taking off, and it seems like you can pair just about any type of earring with other earrings. Danglies with a stud, even mismatched colors are in style.

Do you have any of these contemporary picks in your jewelry collection? Which ones are your favorites?

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